Thank you for being your performer’s #1! Through your support they have become the performers who light up our stages and entertain our audiences. We are honored to have your performer participate with us and look forward to entertaining you at our family-fun events. To help your experience be the most it can be familiarize yourself with this page.

Literally what an amazing competition ❤️. So happy to say I got 1st in Pointe, Classical and Tap and 2nd in my Open and Jazz 👯and 6th Overall for my Tap Solo and I was selected into the “TE Elite Team” which is for the best dancers to be featured in a Music Video, have a special workshop at Nationals and a special segment at Nationals 😘👯I couldn’t have asked for anything more 💜
- @emmyz26 Posted via Instagram 2017
I just wanted to drop a quick message to let you know what a great experience my daughter and I had this past weekend at Nationals in NJ. My daughter dances with Columbia Elite Allstars and your kind words and actions did not go unnoticed. So many memories were made and fun was had by all. She had such great experiences from performing on stage, the workshops, the costume party and as she was chosen as an elite dancer where she was able to experience the shooting of a music video. That right there is priceless.. I also wanted to give kiddos to Blake, I know he was a bit nervous being his first National comp but he did great! His kind, gentle and warm words will be remembered. She also spoke of Lorna and how kind she was when she was not feeling well during one of the workshops. Her words were ” Mommy, she was so sweet”. Can’t wait to see you guys next season..Have a great rest of the year and again thank you!…
- Parent, Columbia Elite Allstars, Sent via Facebook 2017
Art In Motion dancers had so much fun! Thanks to the wonderful staff of That’s Entertainment for a memorable experience again this year!! #artinmotiondancers #thatsentertainment
- Studio, Art In Motion @artinmotiondancers, Posted via Instagram 2017
We are extremely proud of this wonderful group of dancers for their hard work, passion for dance, and support of each other as they competed their first competition yesterday at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition. We received many adjudicated awards, elite team nominees, Special Judges Awards, and Overall High Scores. We also won the the Sportsmanship Award. This award means the world to us and shows the beauty of our dancers and dance parents inside and out. Bravo 👏💜That’s Entertainment.
- Studio, All For Dance, Posted via Facebook 2017
Great competition! So much fun! Great job everyone!
- @different.and.proud, Posted via Instagram 2017
What an amazing 1st day at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition!….
- Studio, Bravo Dance Center, Posted via Facebook 2017
What a fun day at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition! Super proud of our group’s performances today. Would love it if you post your photos in the comments so we all can see your fun day!
- Studio, The Dance Gallery, Posted via Facebook 2017
Had an amazing day. Thank you so much 💜
- @soccergirl735, Posted via Instagram 2017
Super psyched about this past competition!
- @savvy.bruh, Posted via Instagram 2017
So proud of my team this weekend. Had a great day at @thatsentertainmentpa with 2nd Place form Solo.
- @rdeterline354, Studio On 5th, Posted via Instagram 2017
@thatsentertainmentpa Thanks for a great competition that weekend.
- @prettylittleangie, The Dance Loft, Posted via Instagram 2017
Just finished another amazing competition weekend at @thatsentertainmentpa
- Studio, Bravo Dance Center @bravodancecenter, Posted via Instagram 2017
Had such a blast this week with That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition.
- Madelyn Mickelsen, Judge, Posted via Facebook 2017
We just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for inviting us to your competitions on numerous occasions. We absolutely love competing here! We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you’ve put into this competition, to make this a great environment that everyone can enjoy.
- Grace & Style, Posted via Facebook 2016
Thank you for such an amazing weekend for our dancers! It was our first time going to Nationals and you guys definitely made it an experience for the girls to remember. The workshops were great and seeing our girls up on stage performing with everyone really brought tears to our eyes. This experience really encouraged our students to want to grow as dancers and they have brought back a newfound confidence in themselves and their team. We cannot thank you enough and we are really looking forward to the 2016 competition season.
- Gone Dancing Studio, Posted via Facebook 2015


Scroll down the page or Click on one of the categories below to get full details:











  • Entry & Mandatory Registration fee per competitor per event cover the processing of entries. NO REFUNDS.
  • All Competitors Entry & Registration Fees Include: Complimentary videos & photos of their personal routines on their danceEra account 2-4 weeks after the event.
  • TE and LSP are not responsible for any corrupted videos or photos.
  • TE Offers Competitions & Conventions with TE Judges, Staff and Guest Instructors (from Broadway, TV, etc). You can attend either one or both.
  • Theater & Ballroom venues with Professional Dance Floor.
  • All ages and levels, are welcome to compete.
  • We do not charge spectator fees for Competitions. Spectator fees are charged for Conventions.
  • Competitors are not permitted to come to any competition without their director or a working teacher of the school. No independent entries accepted.
  • Independents are accepted for Conventions Only.View here for Independent convention pricing.
  • All Competition Pricing and/or Convention (Group Rates) must go through your directors.
  • Real-time video critiques by judges given to your directors that can viewed at your studio to help improve on future performances.
  • Advertised instructors & judges intend to be at their specified event, occasionally emergencies or other professional obligations prevent this. If this happens they will be replaced with another qualified Instructor &/or Judge.
  • TE will schedule the maximum number of acts. We reserve the right to cancel any competition due to lack of participation, or change dates & locations due to circumstances beyond our control. We may add or subtract days to any given competition as needed. Events begin after school hours, weekend events only. Plan travel accordingly, events start as early as 7am.
  • For room blocks, rates, cancelation dates & more visit our 2017 Tour page and click on the location you are attending.
  • Shared dressing rooms are open 1 hours prior to the start of the event. There will be signs directing you to the dressing rooms. If you need help finding the dressing rooms you can ask the Sales Rep, Stage Manager and/or Event Manager.Please make room for everyone, and help in keeping dressing rooms & event venue clean. We would like to be invited back to all venues. 
  • When choosing your seating options be aware when sitting in the front music tends to be much louder. We need to keep it at this volume so everyone in the audience and performers on stage can hear. Be respectful of all performances and keep conversations at a low volume. To avoid making an unexpected appearance in someone else video, please remain seated during all performances.
  • All times on the schedule are approximate. Competitors should arrive at the beginning of their session or at least 2hrs prior to your approximate performance time ready to dance (as we do run early).
  • Customized schedules are created per event and emailed to your director one (1) week prior to the competition &/or convention. No changes are accepted once emailed.
  • Confirm your Age, Category and Level with your director. No verbal requests. Any corrections must be made in writing by your director at least 3 weeks prior to the event and only made in extreme circumstances.
  • Modeling Routines are all one level.
  • Productions, Parents, Student/Teachers & Adult Routines are all one Age Division and Level.
  • A select number of physical programs will be available for purchase at the merchandise sales table.
  • Stay posted to our Parents page for updates regarding Nationals.
  • Event Recaps will be posted within 2-6 weeks after the event.
  • Select Studio interviews are released on social media any time between the times of your event through February the following year.
  • All Event Recap and Studio Interview links that involve your studio will be emailed to the Director once they are placed online.
  • To stay tuned without having to contact your directors subscribe to our Youtube page, or follow us on Facebook where videos are being posted every week.
  • You can be directed to all social media pages viewable straight from this website.
  • That’s Entertainment is now a full-service company. Offering Music services, Photographers, Videographers, DJ’s, Dancers, Choreographers and additional Staff for your Next Event (Recitals, Parties etc.) Email with inquiries. 

Our judges are knowledgeable professionals in a variety of performance areas. Therefore, all judges’ decisions are final. 

Disregard of the rules below can be cause for Point Deductions &/or Disqualification: 

  1. Routines going over the time limit without payment.
  2. Routines not available or refusing to come to the stage when called prior to their scheduled performance time.
  3. Once you check in with the Stage Manager do not leave the specified area.
  4. Competitors who do not compete in their scheduled category &/or don’t complete a routine for any reason (i.e. Leaves the stage etc.)
  5. No photos or videos permitted in the event room. Abuse of this rule and you will be asked to leave.
  6. Good sportsmanship is expected by all throughout the event. Please Join us in showing all performers the respect they deserve and be a part of an atmosphere that builds the best in all performers.
  7. Costumes, choreography & music (clean lyrics only) should be designed for a family audience.
  8. Costumes or props must not reflect the competitor’s studio affiliation in any way.
  9. No coaching allowed. Teachers may place 6 & under Competitors on stage.
  10. Competitors, studio directors, or any other individuals may not offer gifts, favors, or special treatment of any kind to the Judges or the That’s Entertainment staff.

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Performance Categories 

◦ Use of small props are permitted in each category if the dance is not dependent on them.

◦ 5 acrobatic moves/passes are allowed in any routine

◦ No Limit for acrobatic moves in the following categories: Acro, Character/Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Open/Specialty & Productions.

◦ If you are unsure which category to enter, call the TE office or Open/Specialty is recommended.

◦ We offer casting opportunities for dancers and vocalists, through our ELITE TEAM, Song Singles & Music Videos.

– Style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context (must have at least 50% acrobatic moves).

– An artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures performed in soft Ballet slippers. Classical ballet is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements.

– A form of theatrical performance or spoken dialogue. Routines also includes songs, vocals, lip sync, acting, instruments and dance.

– A type of folk dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used percussively by striking the heel, the toe, or both against a floor or each other to create audible rhythms, usually to the downbeat with the heel keeping the rhythm.

– Refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking and popping. All tricks permitted.


◦ A musical presentation in any genre or music.

• – A performance of a musical composition without vocals or dancers.

• – The music is primarily produced live by the performers using musical instruments.

• – For Instrumentalist performers who wish to have dancers and/or vocalists apart of their live performance may register in the Open/Specialty or Production Category’s.

◦ Timing; notes & keys are judged.

◦ Background music is I permitted if it does not contain the instrument(s) that the competitors are using.

• That’s Entertainment can provide 2 Microphones and/or XLR cables. (Requests for equipment or any other special needs must be made through the description box on DanceEra at the time of entry). *Schools are more than welcome to bring their own microphones, XLR cables, and/or equipment for their performances. 

– A routine consisting of jazz technique, utilizing isolation, flexibility, jumps, etc.
– Classic or funk, not street or hip-hop.

– A routine that has lyrics & expresses the lyrics/storyline of the song, utilizing balance, extension & expression.

• MODELING: (contestants/competitors must provide their own music)


• – Will be judged on the presence & personality, overall appearance, and the sense of style & charm.

• – Long gowns are to be worn during formal modeling.


• – Should be performed to fun & upbeat music.

• – Attire can include “off the rack” or custom-made clothing and should complement the style & personality of the routine & contestant.


• – A routine using balance & control, contractions, fall/recovery, abstract or contemporary movements or routines more concentrated on choreographic and performing processes of utilizing ground work and level changes.

• – May include classical & modern movement.


• – This category is to accommodate dances that do not fit in any other categories.

• – Routines that include two or more dance styles.

• – For performers who have more than one routine in a category.

• – In an Open/Specialty routine, there is no limit to the acrobatic tricks.

• – Also includes specialty routines such as Ballroom, Irish Step, Ethnic, Folkloric, Pom/Cheer, Baton, Instrumental & Dance combined etc.


• – A routine that may be classical or contemporary style-wise, but MUST consist of classic pointe technique.

• – 75% of routine must be performed on pointe & using pointe shoes only.

• – Only open to SHOOTING STAR & ALL STAR levels.


• – 15 OR MORE PERFORMERS- Portrays a theme, Story, Broadway Musical, Play, Movie etc.- Should have props small, large or both accepted. May have more than one style of dance. Can also include acting & singing.- *Productions are all one level, age group, and category.


• – A routine that uses the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion, emphasizing clarity.

• – Must use taps on shoes.

• – No tap sounds may be in the music (point deductions will be made).


• – A singing presentation in any genre or music.

• – Timing, musical range, & pitch are judged.

• – May be done a cappella.

• – NO lead vocals are permitted on the music (point deductions will be made).

• – Background vocals are permitted. That’s Entertainment can provide 2 Microphones and/or XLR cables. (Requests for equipment or any other special needs must be made through the DanceEra description box at the time of entry). *Schools are more than welcome to bring their own microphones, XLR cables, and equipment for their performances. 

Ages / Divisions &Time Limits 


◦ For Duets/Trios & Groups the average age determines the age division in which they will compete.

◦ Productions, Parents, Student/Teachers & Adult Routines are all one Age Division.

◦ Age is as of January 1st for Regionals & Nationals.

◦ Proof of age may be required.

• Mini Dancers: 6 & under (must compete in the rising star level)

• Junior:  7-9   10-12

• Senior: 13-15   16-18



Please Note: Routines are timed at the event. Props have 1-minute set-up & breakdown. Overtime charges $45 per minute. Point deductions will be assessed if not requested at the time of entry.

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Levels of Ability 


The same dancers can be in different levels. For example, your prima ballerina (All Star Level) may still be a beginner (Rising Star Level) Tapper.

Directors use your professional judgment in placing your students in their perspective levels.

• Modeling routines are all one level.

• Productions, Parent, Student/Teachers & Adult Routines are all one level, age group and category.


RISING STAR (recreational/beginner level)  

• This level is for beginners who may or may not have competed before and their technique has not yet reached an intermediate level.

• All ages 6 & under must compete in this level.

• This level is recommended for all performers between 7-9 years old.

• You may be any age if you are at a beginner level proficiency.

   Dance, Acro:

• Competitors should focus on beginner dance technique & proper grooming.

• Dance positions should be executed without sickled feet.

• Fouette turns, Turns A La Seconde, Wings, Toe Touches, Aerials, Back Hand Springs and other intermediate and/or advanced moves are not recommended for this level.

*Pointe is not permitted in this level.

Vocal & Instrumental:

• Competitors should work on songs that are easy to perform.

• Competitors should focus on songs with small numbers of high notes, long notes, and/or pitch changes.


SHOOTING STAR (intermediate level)

• For competitors who have advanced beyond the beginner level.

• Competitors should be working on intermediate and advanced technique.

• You may be any age 7 & up if you are at an intermediate level proficiency.

Dance & Acro:

• Choreography should contain more advanced elements such as understanding of alignment and being able to perform complicated progressions and turn combinations cleanly.

• Competitors at this level should have smooth connection of movement, transitions, musicality, and group precision.

Vocal & Instrumental:

• Competitors should focus on songs that are challenging to sing &/or perform.

• Competitors should focus on song with a fair amount high notes, long notes, and/or pitch changes.


ALL STAR (advanced level)

Dance, Acro, Vocal & Instrumental:

• Technique should be superb, meticulous and flawless.

• At an advanced level, you are considered ready for auditions and potential professional opportunities.



• Performance level that welcomes all special needs performers. Positive critiques will be based on performers abilities with no point deductions for physical challenges. All performers receive awards. Special needs performers are also welcome in any of our other levels.


SHINING STAR (student choreography)

• Students who choose to choreograph their own routine.

• Students must not have received any assistance from any, teacher or choreographer.

• It must be original work and must not be taken from any other source (ex. YouTube, etc.)


The following are all one level, age group, and category.



• Portrays a theme, Story, Broadway Musical, Play, Movie etc.

• Should have props small, large or both accepted.

• May have more than one style of dance.

• Can also include acting & singing.

• Productions are all one level, age group, and category.


Any routines containing parents. *Teachers are welcome to compete in this category with the parents. *


Routines that combine students and teachers.


For serious competitors, students, parents, and/or teachers who are 19 & Up.

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Scores & Awards


• Scores are based on 3 judges, with a maximum of 100 points per judge.

• General appearance – costuming, make-up, tights, shoes, music, dance style/moves that are age appropriate.

• Once your name or routine is announced you are being judged.

• Judges are looking for clean routines that contain difficulty, proper technique, timing & flow, combined with enthusiasm, energy, and enjoyment. 

Diamond Dance Challenge Back by Popular Demand Returning for our 2018 Nationals Finals!

Experience Live Critiquing as seen on TV! Upgrade your routines to receive Audio and Live Critiques. 
Your routines will compete in their regular scheduled categories and still be eligible for all awards.
Take the challenge if you dare! #tecomps

Ordinal / Adjudicated Scoring & Awards

All routines are adjudicated & ordinally scored.

*TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)

All routines are eligible for placement & adjudication.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place is awarded in each category.

(Exp. 10-12yrs Lyrical, Rising Star Level, 1st, 2nd 3rd will be awarded)

If there is only 1 entry in a Rising Star, Shooting Star & All Star level you must achieve the minimum score below to receive a 1st place:

Rising Star: 280            Shooting Star: 285            All Star: 290

Adjudicated Scoring

SILVER                              GOLD                      HIGH GOLD

264.4 and below                      264.5 – 270.5              270.6 – 276.6


276.7 – 282.7       282.8 – 288.8             288.9 – 294.9          295 – 300


1st, 2nd & 3rd place 

Groups competitors will each receive an adjudicated pin or ribbon and a placement award given to the studio.

Solo & D/T competitors will each receive a placement award and adjudicated pin or ribbon.

After 3rd Place

Groups will receive a plaque given to the studio. Competitors will each receive an adjudicated pin or ribbon.

Solos & D/T competitors will each receive a medal and adjudicated pin or ribbon.


Productions will be announced during the Top/High Score Awards. 


Top Scores & Awards

• Dance & Acro are combined for Top/High Scores, Vocal & Modeling are separated.

• Modeling routines are all one level.

• Productions are all one level, age group and category.

• Shining Star, Parent & Student/Teacher routines are not eligible for Top/High Scores.

• *TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)


Top 5 &/or 10

• Given to Mini (6 & Under), Junior (7-9 &/or 10-12) & Senior (13-15 &/or 16-18), Adults (19 & up) for Rising Star, Shooting Star & All Star levels in solos, duet/trios, (small groups, large groups, mega groups are combined).

• If there are less than 5 routines for an age, level &division then Top Scores will not be announced.

• There must be a minimum of 5 routines in each age, level & division for JR (7-9/10-12) or SR (13-15/16-18) to be awarded separately.

• If there are less than 5 in each age all JR’s will be combined & all SR’s will be combined.

• If there are 10 or more routines in each age, level &division then Top 10 will be announced.


Shining Star (Student Choreography) –  If there are 5 or more Shining Star’s throughout the event all ages will be combined and recognized in placement order (Top 5 and/or 10 can be announced).


Top Scores & Awards  PRODUCTIONS

• There must be 3 or more productions to award a skyscraper trophy.

• Our Skyscraper (6’+) Trophy is awarded to the studio & adjudicated pins or ribbons to each competitor for our 1st place Highest Scoring Production.

• A placement award will be given to the studio & adjudicated pins or ribbons to each competitor for 2nd & 3rd place.

• A plaque will be given to the studio & adjudicated pins or ribbons to each competitor for all production’s after 3rd place 


Overall High Scores

▪ Overall High Score of the event combine’s JR/SR routines in each level. Dance/Acro combined & Vocal/Instrumental combined for separate Overall High scores in each level, Rising Star, Shooting Star and All Star Levels are awarded. There must be 20 or more in Dance/Acro & Vocal/Instrumental to announce an Overall High Score separately. If not, they will be combined for OHS. The Studio will receive the Overall HS Trophy, competitors receive HS ribbons.

▪ Modeling, Productions, Mini, Shining Star, Adults, Parent & Student/Teacher routines are not eligible for Overall High Score of the event. 

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Titles Information & Awards  

Title Age Divisions: JR & SR Competitors interested in Scholarships must compete in the Title category at Regionals to be eligible for Title & Scholarships at National. (See 2018 National Final Details & Awards segment)

Mini Miss &/or Mister: 6 & Under, JR Miss &/or Mister: 7-12yrs ,SR Miss &/or Mister:  13 -18yrs

• There must be 3 or more competitors in the Mini, JR (7-9/10-12) & SR (13-15/16-18) to separate JR & SR ages as well as Miss &/or Mister for all ages.

• If there are less than 3 Titleists, in the JRS (7-12) & SRS (13-18) they will be combined.

• Competitors registering in our title solo category compete in their regular solo division for adjudication, ordinal & title scores. These solos will be eligible for Top Scores. The Highest scoring competitor wins.

Note: Miss & Mister will be awarded separately.

Top 3 will be announced

• 1st place Mini, JR & SR Miss That’s Entertainment wins the Title, Crown and Sash. 1st place Mini, JR & SR Mister That’s Entertainment wins the Title, Medallion and Sash.

• 2nd& 3rd Place runner ups receive pins & ribbons.

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JUDGE’S Special Awards: given by the judges, 1 Certificate given to the studio and special award ribbons to each competitor.

TE Elite Team Award  1 Certificate given to each competitor chosen

• Judges will choose a select group of competitors at each regionals.

• All participants who have been chosen for the Elite Team and attend Nationals must attend with their studio and a qualified entry fees.

• Elite Team members must attend Nationals to be eligible to participate in the team workshop, showcase and to be featured in our next Anti-bullying/Social Issue Music Videos. Competitors should be willing to travel to the designated location of the video shoots.

• Team Members will have a private Team workshop and a special performance segment in the National Finals Showcase.

• Team members may be asked to back up dance for Vocalist winners, for live performances.

• You can find That’s Entertainment Presents “Dance It Out” Vol. 1 & 2 available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and all other digital stores! Click Here to buy Volume 2 and Click Here to Buy Volume 1. You can also watch all music videos released on the That’s Entertainment YouTube page


Entertainer Nominees

Each studio must enter a minimum of 3 Large Groups, Mega Groups &/or Productions at Regionals to qualify for a nomination.

Judges will nominate & award 1 routine from each studio, based on entertainment value that will vie for the Entertainer of the Year at Nationals.


Broadway Dance Dreams Award of Excellence:

TE Judges will select one studio per event to receive this amazing opportunity for students 11 years and up.Times Square, Broadway, and the Theatre District is your home for 5 days. This exclusive program immerses you into the world of professional dance in one of the world’s biggest, brightest, and most fascinating cities, NEW YORK. Broadway Dance Dreams delivers Master Classes led by Broadway professionals, performance opportunities, meet and greets with Broadway actors, and tours of famous New York City landmarks.

Your Studio has earned you this exclusive invitation along with a $250 scholarship per student to this life changing experience.


ADCC Studio of Excellence Award: 

From registration to the event, competitors, studio staff and family members will be watched to see who exhibits overall studio excellence. Easy to work with, shows all competitors and TE staff respect, shares dressing room space, keeps facilities clean etc. Studio will receive a plaque, T-shirt and  a Free 1 year membership to the ADCC.


Special Awards: Presented to Studio’s


Judge’s Choice



Triple Threat & More

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” Dance To The Future! “

◦ 2018 Nationals Theme “Dance to The Future” (Q: What is Dance to The Future? Answer: Space, Stars, Lights, Futuristic, etc.)

◦ All Competitors Receiving a High Gold or higher are Eligible for the National Finals.

◦ Please view the 2018 Tour Page to find the National Location host hotel Rates, Cut Off & Cancelation Dates.

◦ 1st day of all Nationals begin with Last Chance Regionals, followed by solos and possibly duet/trios. Tentative Schedule will be posted on our Parent Page shortly. Please keep in mind schedules are customized based on entries received and subject to change. Be aware of special group rate hotel cancellation policies. TE will be unable to provide the itinerary by the cancellation date.

◦ Three National Finals to choose from! Click One: OHIO / NEW JERSEY / CONNECTICUT

◦ All National Competitors can participate in our FREE workshops and Showcase at the Final Award Ceremony.

◦ All participants who have been chosen for the TE Elite Team and attend Nationals must attend with their studio and a qualified entry of fees.

TE Elite Team Members must be available for the entire National Finals Event (Schedule flexibility is a must).

◦ TE Elite Team members must attend Nationals to be eligible to participate in the team workshop, showcase and to be featured in our next Anti-bullying/Social Issue Music Videos. Competitors should be willing to travel to the designated location of the video shoots.

◦ TE Elite Team Members will have a private Team workshop and a special performance segment in the National Finals Showcase.

◦ Showcase Requirements: attending the workshops you’re interested in, the Dress Rehearsal & the purchase of the pre-ordered Nationals or TE Elite Team T-shirts (Additional costuming TBA.) Attendance at the workshops & dress rehearsal is your commitment to participate in the National Finals Showcase.

◦ National Finals Light Up Party & “Rep Your Studio” Dance Off Battle.

◦ Titles/Scholarships, Entertainer of The Year Cup and more.

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Title Requirements:

◦ Competitors interested in Scholarships must compete in the Title category at Regionals to be eligible for Title & Scholarships at National.

Directors must fill out an entry form for each qualified competitor and return it with your National Finals entries.

• MINI REQUIREMENTS (6 & Under) – Minimum of 2 routines, including their Title solo and duet/trio or group performance.

• JUNIOR REQUIREMENTS (7-12yrs) – Minimum of 3 routines in 2 different performance categories, including their Title solo, duet/trio or group performances.

• SENIOR REQUIREMENTS (13-18yrs) – Minimum of 4 routines in 2 different performance categories, including their Title solo, duet/trio or group performances.

◦ Q&A and Composite scores will be used to determine the Title Winners. Highest score wins. Top 3 will be announced. Please Note: On Stage question will take place during the National Event.

◦ Highest Scoring Title winners within the JR & SR age divisions will win the Scholarship. We are combining Miss & Mister for the Scholarship prize. There must be 5 or more competitors in both the JR & SR age divisions for scholarships to be awarded at each Nationals.

Title Awards:

▪ That’s Entertainment will award a check no less than $250 to each scholarship winner. Checks will be made out to the studio to be applied towards the competitor’s studio tuition the following season. (Money is raised during each Regional and National Event to increase scholarships)

▪ 1st place Mini, JR & SR Miss TE wins the Title, Crown and Sash.

▪ 2-3rd place Mini, JR & SR Miss TE runner up’s win a Crown.

▪ 1st place Mini, JR & SR Mister TE win’s the Title, Crown and Sash.

▪ 2-3rd place Mini, JR & SR Mister TE runner up’s win a Plaques.

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“FREE Single & Music Video” Awarded to Top National Vocalist

Top Vocalist Award Sponsored by Spark Evolution

There must be 5 or more competitors JR & SR vocal category for this award to be presented.

This award will be given to the highest scoring Junior & Senior competitor in the vocal category at the Shooting Star and/or All Star Level. All Winners will win 25% off recording time at Foreign Republic Media Group (FRMG) Studios for a period of One Year.

Junior Solo Winners (7-12yrs): Receive a Free Single produced, written, recorded, mix & mastered by FRMG. 

Senior Solo Winners (13-18yrs): Receive a Free Single & Music Video, produced, written, recorded, mix & mastered FRMG.

JR & SR D/T & Group Winners: Receive 5 Hours of Free Recording time at FRMG Studios.

Spark Evolution: A Non-Profit Organization brining awareness of Social Issues (Anti-Bullying, Anti-Violence etc.) Music video’s won in our senior age division will be social issue themed with a PSA announcement at the end of each video. Music will also be written to promote and bring awareness to different social issues.

Rep Your Studio Awards: Not One but Two chances to win a “Rep Your Studio Award”

Team Spirit (Entire Nationals Event)

• The studio with the best team energy will win the “Rep Your Studio Team Spirit Award”.  Team Spirit consists of studio team shirts, hats, signs, pants, jackets, etc. Parents, and visitors can also be involved with supporting the studio of their choice. 

• Winners will be announced at our National Finals Closing Award Ceremony.

*NOTE – Judges and staff will be judging throughout the entire event. Make your studios proud by showing good sportsmanship to everyone. Support your fellow classmates, wear your studio gear and be proud to Rep Your Studio.

Dance Battle (Nationals Party)

• The studio Battle winner is presented the “Rep Your Studio Dance Battle Award”. 

• Battle will consist of all styles of dance. You may choreograph or freestyle. 

• Everyone will have 1 minute to battle.

• Music is DJ’s choice.

• Top 2 will Battle it out for the Trophy.

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In Partnership with, FRMG (Foreign Republic Media Group, LLC)

Looking for Video and/or Photo services for your next Recital and/or Event/Parties, Look no Further! FRMG provides it all including recaps, reels, music and/or dance videos, etc. For a more detailed list of our services click the link MEDIA PAGE & SERVICES – CLICK HERE!

How to activate your child’s Video/Photo account: 

Complimentary Video’s & Photos of your competitor’s personal performances take 2-4 weeks to be posted to your account. That’s Entertainment & Foreign Republic Media Group, LLC are not responsible for any corrupted videos or photos.

  • You will not be able to view your photos and videos on an iPad, tablet or cell phone, Desktops or Laptops ONLY.
  • If you have more than one child, a different email address is required for each account. You will not be able to use the same email for multiple accounts.
  • Previous Accounts: If you have claimed an account previously, login with your same email and password. (Do not make a new account)
  • New accounts:  Parents CLICK HERE to claim your account to view Photos and Videos!

Go to Parents-Dancers- Find Studio & Claim Account on the right-hand side. (Do not login in or register to create a new account on the left-hand side)

Select the event you attended & your studio name.

Now look for your child’s name and put in your email and create a password.

Once you have activated and claimed your account go to, log in with your email and password that you created when you claimed your account.

Once you are logged in, click on our Regionals and/or Nationals Event.


Next to each routine you will see a video/photo zip file. Click on the folder you want to download and it will download onto your computer.


  You will have 6 months to download all your photos and videos.
 REMINDER! These instructions will NOT work on a cell phone, tablet or any other mobile device. You must follow these instructions on a Desktop or Laptop computer only!

HAVING TROUBLE? If you do not see your performers name in the drop down to claim their account, viewing or missing videos & photos, please email Limitless Services Productions at Be sure to include your performers name, studio name, location & date of the event, along with the issue you are having. Emails will be answered within 2-3 business days.

Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Email or call (856) 432-2051. *ATTENTION: When emailing for video & photo services, please check both your Inbox and Spam/Junk folder daily for messages.*

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  • Need help mixing and/or cutting your studio competition and recital music? We work with professional audio engineers and producers to mix and cut your music.
  • TE provides DJ’s and Event Production services to take your event or showcase to the next level!
  • Click the button for a list of our Equipment, Services, Music Store, “Dance It Out” Album Award info and a playlist of our new Music Videos! MUSIC PAGE & SERVICES – CLICK HERE!


Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Interested in our Services? Email or call (856) 345-9819





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